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  • Sunday School will resume classes on December 3rd.
  • Please come and sing Sunday, December 3rd @ 3 pm. Please come to the Presbyterian Church on DeKalb Street.
  • Thanks to Jack Strouse and Co. for preparing our church for winter.
  • We are also gratiful to Michele, Maureen and Anna for installing the Christmas decorations.
  • Beautiful complete sets of dishes are still available for your Thanksgiving Feast, just see Joann or Michele for more information.
  • Scholarships to attend Catholic School for our students are available from the Local Knights of Columbus. See Father Ron for an application.
  • We are creating an informative & spiritual school library in our Cultural Center Lounge. Take a book or 2 to widened your horizons.
  • Father Ron's Lecture on our Divine Liturgy is now available for viewing on our website thanks to Dan!
  • New Parishioners are always welcomed, see Father Ron after Divine Liturgy.
  • Copies of "Bishop for a Day" are still available and so are our Adult Catechism books titled, "Christ our Pascha".

Liturgical Services:

Services for the week of November 19th, 2017

  • Thursday, November 23th~ 7 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +John "Skippy" Fonock, Son John)
  • Friday, November 24th~ 7 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Mary Chudoba)
  • Saturday, November 25th~ 8 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Evelyn Dorish)
  • Saturday, November 25th~ 6 pm English Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Ann Santangelo)
  • Sunday, November 26th ~ 9 am Ukrainian Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for Thanksgiving Blessings on our Parish)
Updated: November 20, 2017

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Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Sunday School Program

Our Parish School:

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10 am - 11 am Classes begin after 9 am Divine Liturgy



Welcome to SS Peter & Paul Sunday School Program


Come and Join Us!

Formal registration of all our students from Preschool through High School will be held in September.


Calendar of Current Events


Sunday School Calendar Click here for a copy of our Spring Schedule.

Prayer Corner


Every parish youth must attend this program, that is so valuable for the future of our Parish and our dear children.

Just remember that it is never to late to join us in this wonderful endeavor to teach our future generations about our Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus and our beautiful Ukrainian traditions!


Our Sunday School Session is getting ready for our Palm Sunday celebration and other church events.

  • March 5th, 12th & 19th: Pysanka Workshops
  • March 26th: Palm Sunday Play Practice (10 - 10:30)
  • April 2nd: Palm Sunday Play Practice (All Classroom)
  • April 9th: Palm Sunday Play and Annual Breakfast
  • April 16th: Easter Sunday!
  • April 30th: Full Practice for Father Ron's Golden Jubilee
  • May 7th: Spring Children's Liturgy, Last Day of Sunday School Classes
  • May 14th: Solemn Holy Communion and Mother's Day
  • May 21th: Father Ron's Golden Jubilee

Just remember that it is never to late to join us in this wonderful endeavor to teach our future generations about our Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus and our beautiful Ukrainian traditions!

Thanks to all of our Teachers, Staff, Volunteers and Parents that made our school successful!

Attendance at our School is mandatory for all our parish youth, from preschool through high school.


Sunday School

Come Learn



Volunteers are always welcomed to support this wonderful endeavor!






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