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Our Parish Catering Ministry:

All are Welcomed


Our Churchto volunteer and help serve this wonderful endeavor.




Our Adult Seminarsdemo

Sundays with Father

10:15 am - 11 am School Lounge

Sunday Mornings with Father

Thanks to everyone who participated

Stay tuned for more wonderful seminars this fall!

October 22, 2017 @10:15 am

Discussion on Divine Liturgy as the First Original Interactive Computer!





Peter & Paul





Our Parish School:demo

Class Times:

10 am - 11 am

Classes begin after

9 am Divine Liturgy


Calendar of Current Events


Attendance at our School is mandatory for all our parish youth, from preschool through high school.


  1. Sunday School has begun. Please join us every Sunday after 9 am Divine Liturgy! Our staff is the best!

Come and Learn with Us!


Side Altar





Church Services:

Saturday Divine Liturgy

8 am English

6 pm English


Sunday Divine Liturgy

9 am Ukrainian


October 15, 2017

All 2017 Bulletins can be found by clicking here.

Next weekend we will celebrate the Feast of the Birth of Mary the Theotokos

SS Peter & Paul

Ukrainian Catholic Church




Feast of the Protecton of Mary

October 1st and 2nd



  • Check out The Hank Cisco Show's interview with Father Ron. The video is located on this page from YouTube. Enjoy!
  • The first Sunday Mornings with Father begins on October 22nd after our 9 am Divine Liturgy.
  • Please pray and send kind thoughts to all of our sickly and elderly folks!
  • New Parishioners are always welcomed, see Father Ron after Divine Liturgy.
  • Copies of "Bishop for a Day" are still available and so are our Adult Catechism books titled, "Christ our Pascha".

Liturgical Services:

Services for the week of October 15th, 2017

  • Thursday, October 19th~ 7 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for the Health of Suzanne Steffie)
  • Friday, October 20th~ 7 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Horace Hitchens)
  • Saturday, October 21st~ 8 am Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for Health of Family & Friends)
  • Saturday, October 21st~ 6 pm English Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Robert Rocus)
  • Sunday, October 22nd ~ 9 am Ukrainian Divine Liturgy (Mass Intention for +Dr. Noelle Rotondo)
Updated: October 15, 2017

Important Links:

More Web Resource

demoDownload a Copy of The Way

Home Page of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadephia

Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School Website, Allendale Road, King of Prussia

Updated: June 5, 2016


Current News at Saints Peter & Paul

October, 2017

The HANK CISCO SHOW with BIshop For A Day

an Interview with Father Ron


October is the Month dedicated to Mother Mary. She will always be our mystical Mother, loving, compassionate and divine. Call upon her when you are in need of advice, guidance, protection and assistance. Recite the rosary, say a prayer, meditate, attend Divine Liturgy, donate to those in need due to the recent tragedies and natural disasters and you will lead by example, just like our Mother Mary!



Once again we had a wonderful celebration on our grounds of our beloved church!

Thanks to all who made this event possible.

A big thank you to Gina, Joann, Michele, Maureen and many others. Of course our grounds are always beautifully landscaped due to the constant efforts of Jack Strouse and his good crew of workers.

Father Ronnie, This One's for You!

Composed and Sung by Michael Trycieckyj
Joined by the SS Peter and Paul Sunday School Choir
Click here for the lyrics


Hallelujah Father Ronnie!

Sung by Kathy Plush and the SS Peter and Paul Sunday School Choir, Click here for lyrics

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Our Parish Booklet

There are a few copies left of our Parish Booklet that marks the 50th Priestly Jubilee of our Pastor. Copies will be located in the Church's vestibule for your convenience.

Father Ron's 50th Jubilee Celebration was a Beautiful Event!

What a great Jubilee Feast!

In attendance were 3 Bishops, 20 religious, 600 Faithful, 50 relatives, the Promethius Choir, all our beautiful school children,45 kitchen workers and lovely Ukrainian-clad wait-staff.

We made history here, Folks! We are so grateful to all who shared in this jubilee feast. Father Ron will never forget your love and kindness, fine words and generous gifts, hard work in the kitchen and lounge. Our Parish will be known, far and wide, as a most vibrant church brimming with love and talent, generosity and a welcoming spirit to one and all!



Father Ron's First Mass

A Special Thank you Goes Out To:

The men and women of our Auxillary, the fellows that provided and served the beverages and the wonderful crew of workers who set the tables, arranged the beautiful centerpieces and vases of flowers and all who organized the cases and boxes of everything imaginable for our lovely feast. It was the largest sit-down dinner ever served in our parish hall. To our knowledge, no local parish has ever accompished such a feat!




Father Ron Speaks about The Mysteries of the Sacraments


Our Sunday School Program News

Our Sunday School Program

Peter and Paul

Thanks to all our parish school teachers and staff who attended our organizational meeting in our Parish Hall on Thursday, September 14th at 6:30 pm.

Our Sunday School is thriving!

Just remember that it is never to late to join us in this wonderful endeavor to teach our future generations about our Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus and our beautiful Ukrainian traditions! Just mark your calenders for this school year!

We hope and trust that all of our parents/grandparents understand the value and need of teaching our future generations at our Sunday School Progam.


Our Parish Catering Ministry

helping hands

A Gracious Thank You goes out to everyone who volunteered!

Stay tuned for next season's scheduled events!

Just remember that Volunteers are always welcomed to help in anyway! Please keep this in mind when you are planning your own To Do Lists. One person can make a difference!

And just remember that We can't do without all of YOU!

Thanks to all who helped in creating a beautiful celebration to honor Father Ron in his 50th year as our awesome pastor and spiritual father! Our Parish Auxillary always does a tremendous job on every event they cater!


Our Parish Finance and Pastoral Council News

parish council

A big thank you goes out to all who attended our last meeting. We are gratiful of to your service to our church community this year.

Many Blessings!



E-mail Request goes out to all Parish Men, so that we can be in contact with all our fellows in an efficent way. We hope to re-invigorate our St. John Society this fall. Please provide your e-mail address on the sheet provided in the vestibule.

We are Blessed!

St. NickOur parish is blessed with many dedicated volunteers who maintain our buildings, school grounds, and Parish cemetery.

We are grateful to Chris Senyk for overseeing the care and cleaning of our classrooms. We also thank Ashley and Joe Tanseco for serving as church greeters; Bert LeGendre and Michele Burns for decorating the church in a beautiful array of fall flowers.

We are grateful for our printer Gary Gross in Bridgeport and roofer Chris Bloemker of King of Prussia for providing us with their services, time and generosity. God Bless all these good people with abundant health, peace and prosperity

Your acts of kindness are the embodiment of Christ among us!


Pope Francis has decreed that this is the year of Mercy and has called upon all Christian-Catholics to practice the virture of Mercy.

Good Examples of practicing mercy include:

  • Praying and Caring for the sick,
  • Helping the poor,
  • Feeding the hungry,
  • Praying for Peace,
  • Welcoming the refugees.


Father Ron speaks about his book, "Bishop for a Day"

Father Ron's Talk and Discussion from October 4th

Bishop for a Day

Copies of "Bishop for a Day" are available. Pick up your copy from one of our Ushers. You can also purchase it as an e-book through Amazon. Just click here.




We Pray for All Our Shut-ins and Ill Folks for God's Healing Graces

Please remember to pray for all of our elderly and ailing folks. Check out the most recent bulletin for names of our Parishioners. Perhaps you can send a card, a prayer, a kind thought, an e-mail or a phone call?

Mary in Our Grotto

Our New Sign







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A Christ Centered Ukrainian Catholic Faith Community in Bridgeport, PA!